Hey Whole Dog Journal! Thanks for the good review on our coats and for rating our Powershield Coat in the 4 Paw category, the highest rating and especially for your comment about superior customer service. We pride ourselves on helping you get the right coat at the right fit for your dog. All our dog coats are handmade in Colorado and are customizable for the wearer. Our aim is always to make sure your dog is warm and comfortable. Our chest and tummy panels are wider than most. The backs are longer. Our long, low shoulder openings are designed for maximum warmth and can be made to fit your dog’s individual shape. We even make coats with extra-long backs that cover the hips and thighs. We will help you measure correctly. Take full advantage of our great customer service and get exactly the right winter coat for your dog.
Fran Blum, MountainMuttDogCoats Boulder

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