About the Fabrics

Technical Fabrics.  Our dog coats and sweaters are made from technical fabrics. Technical fabrics are engineered to provide specific protections from the elements. Each one has a different job(s).   Some of the things they do: retain warmth, repel wind and water, release unwanted moisture. Technical fabrics are very lightweight.

Power Shield is our top-of-the-line softshell.  Power Shield is designed to maintain stable core temperature during varying levels of activity.  It’s a two-sided fabric that provides superior protection from water and wind. It has a membrane that expands and contracts to release/retain warmth depending on activity level.   This is the fabric of choice for a winter coat for an active dog.  The exterior is abrasion-resistant. It won’t snag on branches and fences. We run it under the faucet to demonstrate how water beads off the surface. Try it yourself.

WindPro is much like Power Shield but without the heat regulating membrane. This is a very sophisticated two-sided fabric that is unusually warm and dry. Fabulously functional.

PolarTec Fleece is a wonderfully warm fabric for cold weather. It’s available in different weights and can be worn alone or combined with an exterior layer to create a warmer garment. We use Polartec 300 in our Boulder Coat and Boulder Sweater.  Polartec 300 is often called the best insulating fleece made. Combined with a ripstop exterior it becomes a lightweight, durable, warm and water-resistant winter coat. The Boulder Coat is the right choice for a less-active dog.  It’s great for senior dogs too.

Polartec 100 is feather-light, soft, warm and comfy. The post-op Smart Sweater is made from this lovely, yielding fabric. It’s meant to be worn indoors in chilly homes and post-op.

Ripstop is a polyester fabric that is super light. It’s durable, run-resistant and makes a great outer layer for any garment. Our fabrics are made from recycled materials when available.

Windbloc is an amazing, rugged fabric that blocks 100% of the wind.  It’s a two-sided fabric with a polyurethane membrane between layers that assists with the transmission of unwanted moisture. Very warm, very protective in winter.

All of our fleeces are non-pill and durable. They feel delicious and will comfort your dog in a variety of conditions.