What Makes Us Unique

Our dog coats and sweaters are made with your dog’s comfort in mind. They’re generously cut to cover all the important places. Our garments are handmade in Colorado, USA, from the best quality technical* fabrics and leathers. That allows us to make sure your dog is warm, dry and well-covered no matter what his or her individual body shape. We do alterations for free.

Small alternations are on us. We think it’s important that your dog’s coat fits properly in order to do it’s job.

All of our garments are guaranteed and are fully returnable with tags attached.



MountainMuttDogCoats also makes custom made garments in addition to our in stock garments.  We’ll work with your fabrics or ours, your design or help figure out how to accommodate your special requests.

Unique Design Features Make for Warmer Coats and Safer Dogs

Easy to put on. No openings for heads or feet to go through. Dogs hate these.

Generously cut, designed for deep chests.

Shoulder openings are carefully designed to maximize both range of motion and coverage. They are long and low.

Contoured seams over each hip shape the garment to your dog’s body.

Wider panels cover chests and tummies. A correctly closed panel will prevent snow from collecting at the tummy.

Longer back length so that hindquarters are well-covered. Coats can be made in the draped version which covers thighs and legs nearly to the knee. This is helpful for Great Danes, Dobermans, Greyhounds and other short-haired dogs.

No seams along the spine or sensitive tummy area. Coats can be made with an opening for the leash at the collar’s base.

Coats are lightweight and comfortable.

Our garments are durable. They’ll last a long time if laundered according to the instructions.

Dogs Feel Special In Their Coats!


*What is a Technical Fabric?

Technical fabrics are very lightweight and perform certain functions. They are engineered to wick away unwanted moisture, dry quickly, are superior at repelling wind and water. They are far better at retaining warmth and regulating core temperature.  The fabrics we use are the same ones you wear in outdoors winter weather.  They will keep you much warmer and dryer than ordinary fabrics.