Designer Dog Accessories

Functional, Fashionable Accessories

Did you know we make designer accessories for you and for your dog?

In the functional group, our designer dog accessories are snoods, bandanas and collar tubes. Wouldn’t it be great if your dog’s ears, neck and head were covered and warm? Try a snood. These marvelously warm, wide and long tubes cover cold or cropped ears, heads and necks. Bandanas and collar tubes keep your dog safer by increasing visibility in hunting season and making your dog easier to find in the woods.

For fashionistas our theme is ‘Dress Like Your Dog’. These designer accessories include earbands, bandanas and scarves which can be ordered in the same fabric as your dog’s coat or sweater. Choose from many vibrant colors and fabrics.

Love leather? We make a shorter snood in leather lined with fleece. This designer accessories is a one of a kind pieces lined in the color of your choice. Great for snowboarding, skiing and outdoor sports. Or holiday gifts!

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