At MountainMuttDogCoats  Boulder we carefully consider the fabrics we select for our winter coats and designer dog sweaters.  They are chosen to meet the needs of the wearer. Our coats and sweaters have been carefully designed to offer the particular protection needed.

The design and function of a garment affects the choice of material.  The material is a significant part of the garment. Two pieces of clothing made from the same pattern but of different fabrics can perform very differently.  We choose our material according to what we want the garment to look like and do.  All materials are not suitable for all styles.

The use of a garment is an important factor to keep in mind when choosing the fabric.  Because our  coats and sweaters need to be warm we pick light weight technical fabrics that are comfortable for your dog. Technical fabrics are engineered to do a variety of jobs including elimination of unwanted moisture, retention or release of heat, resist abrasion, resist wind, resist water, or keep your dog safe.  For example,  we make orange gear for safety because of it’s high visability.  Our garments need to be durable. We choose fabrics that are designed to last.  Because we expect our coats and sweaters to last a long time we use only the best quality fabrics even though they might cost a bit more.

Taking good care of a garment is also essential. All of our garments can be harmed by high temperatures and harsh chemicals in the washer or dryer.  They should be washed cold, with Woolite and line dried or dried on a cool cycle.   Hang the garment in the bathroom where it’s damp and the wrinkles will come out.

We help your dog stay safe, comfortable and healthy in all seasons!


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