Our company was inspired by Mac who was diagnosed with bone cancer in September 2009.

It’s cold in the Rockies!

Mac was really cold after surgery and ill.  He was short-haired and had no undercoat.  His deep chest and short back made it hard to find a coat that fit.   We made a black leather coat for Mac, lined with warm, toasty fleece.  It got him through that very cold year.

Mac’s coat became our prototype winter coat.  The next year we learned about technical fabrics and began to design our own patterns.  They’re made for comfort, fit and range of motion.  That means they keep your dog warm and dry in  variable weather conditions. And they’re beautiful.  The workmanship is often complimented. Our designer dog coats are made for Rocky Mountain winters!

To honor Mac 5% of sales is donated annually to the Flint Animal Cancer Center for cancer research.  Coats are donated to needy dogs and rescues around the USA.

*Technical fabrics are lightweight fabrics engineered to perform various functions. Each fabric is constructed with unique properties are including quick response to variable weather conditions,  strength and stretch, density, resistance to wind and water, retention of warmth, elimination of unwanted moisture, without shrinkage, maintain stable core temperature.  Powershield and Powershield Alpha, were originally designed for US Special Forces in Afganistan for extremely variable weather conditions. 
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