Technical Fabrics.  The use of a garment is an important factor to keep in mind when choosing the fabric.  Because our  coats and sweaters need to be warm we pick light weight technical fabrics that are comfortable for your dog. Technical fabrics are engineered to do a variety of jobs including elimination of unwanted moisture, retention or release of heat, resist abrasion, resist wind, resist water, or keep your dog visible and safe.  For example,  we use PowerShield for one of our winter coats because it’s highly water resistant, maintains stable core temperature and is very lightweight.  Our Powershield Hunting Gear is all this plus it’s orange.  It’s safer because of it’s high visability.  Our garments need to be durable. We choose fabrics that are designed to last.  Our coats and sweaters last a long time because we use only the best quality fabrics.

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