January 18, 2020

I just drove down to my mailbox trying to talk myself out of expecting Sherlock’s coat to really be there so I wouldn’t be disappointed but it really was there! It’s gorgeous and fits and looks great on him! He was a bit startled by the Velcro when I first put it on but he’s so used to me putting vests and harnesses and different equipment on and off him he took it in stride. We are heading to the snow tomorrow morning so will take some pictures. I really really love the color and the light weight feel of it. It will fit in my dog pack easily along with his collapsing water bowl, booties, first aid kit, whistles and all the other stuff I think we might need. Thanks so much for your great suggestions and getting it here so quickly!

Gayle Fairweather and Sherlock

Oroville, Ca.
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