Did you know that we celebrate our dogs this week?

In honor of them let’s think about what they’ll need as winter approaches.

Did you know that not all dog coats are warm enough in winter? That is because some breeds have short coats and no under layer of insulation.  These dogs include Dobermans, Great Danes and Greyhounds. They are freezing in winter.  Just imagine if you went outside without a jacket. That’s them.

Furry dogs like sled dogs, Huskies, Retrievers and Colorado Mountain Dogs for example have long outer coats and short, dense undercoats. Sometimes their fur is even oily, like the retriever family. That helps protect them from very cold water.

Older dogs are often cold just like older humans. Their bodies work a little differently as they age.

Ill dogs, post-op dogs, arthritic dogs are also cold in winter and may need help staying warm and safe.

Here are some guidelines about when it’s time to put on a coat:

If it’s 40 degrees or below

If it’s wet and windy

When your dog has short hair and no undercoat

When your dog is old

When your dog is ill or recovering from an illness

If you are not sure give us a call and we will help you decide what is best for your dog’s comfort as colder weather moves in.



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