Raffa has been wearing his braces now for a couple of weeks and is rapidly improving.  We are relieved beyond measure.

Two weeks after his partial tear he took a quick step and the partial tear became a full tear.  Raffa went from some weight bearing to three legged walking only.

The custom braces, from a company in Red Feather Lakes, fit very well.  We got braces for both the injured leg and the healthy leg.  The healthy leg was working overtime and needed some extra support. We wanted to make sure it didn’t also become injured.

As of today Raffa can use his injured leg although not completely.  Each day he’s putting more weight on it and can get around just fine. That means he can stand on either side to relieve himself, walk steps and jump on the couch.  A miracle is happening here.

The braces don’t rub, are made from neoprene, and have been easy to learn to use. Raffa doesn’t mind wearing them.

Last week our vet suggested we come back in three months.  By then I think we’ll have a lucky dog who has avoided surgery and is back to his normal life.

The relief is profound and overwhelming.

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