Old Man Winter is on his way. Frigid Canadian air masses are headed our way forcing out the 50’s we’ve seen from New York to Minneapolis.

BE PREPARED!!! Sudden changes in temperature can catch you and your dog unaware. Big drops in temperature can shock your pooch’s system causing colds and discomfort. Older dogs and short haired dogs can be especially sensitive and vulnerable.

The right coat for outdoor fun is important. Sometimes you might consider layering a sweater under the coat to make sure she’s well enough protected. It’s also important to make sure she doesn’t over heat.  Check with you vet if your dog is under the weather. She may need special consideration.

Our Boulder Coat is a good, sturdy, weather resistant answer to most winter weather.  Check out our store for more color options.

Fran Blum
MountainMuttDogCoats Boulder

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